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Charlotte, NC
a. The cleaning restoration on Saint Patrick's Cathedral reflects the cleaning problems most old buildings pose. The mold, algae, lichen, and moss establishes quite a foothold over time. b.A hot water steam cleaning was all it required to remove over fifty years of natural discolorations, restoring a bright beautiful appearance to this Church.
c. The Dunhill Hotel had never been cleaned in its one hundred year history. It had heavy carbon stains and many other stains from airborne pollutants. This type of black staining is commonly found on old masonry buildings. d. In coordination with Stone Restoration of America, we were able to safely rig scaffolding on a building that was never designed for todays systems.
e. See the results!!! Almost one hundred years of aging removed after cleaning. Attention to Detail Inc. sealed the brick with a breathable masonry sealer so the hotel will keep this new appearance for years to come. f. This Historic Building in Waxhaw was over one hundred years old. It had been covered with many applications of paint in it's history. The missing brick, weak mortar joints, and extensive cracking in the brick veneer required delicate handling. With our experience in Historic Restorations, you can rely on Attention To Detail for the knowledge and experience to perform such a job.
g. Windows were covered as layer upon layer of paint was removed via scrapping and wire brushing. This is done to minimize water containment disposal. The piles of removed paint were swept up for disposal. When the final cleaning phase begins the waste water is contained as well. h. After the final stage of paint removal, the restoration was not complete until all motar joints were pointed up. Caulking, and a top of line Sealant application was performed. The Sealant's Represenative issued a Ten Year Warrenty after his job inspection and testing.